Customer Feedback

“Hello Shannon, Jen and Staff,

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for another great race at the Deer Creek Fall Challenge. I’ve done several races with you, and I never leave disappointed. Where else can an athlete race with the same priorities and spiritual ethics they strive to live by in their day-to-day lives? I appreciate your attention to the reality that we all train and race by grace, and much gratitude is attributed to Christ, our families, and the wonderful volunteers who make it all happen. We are certainly blessed to not only pursue our personal goals as triathletes, but to do it in the environment you provide at each venue. You are second to none in my book. God bless with some much deserved rest, and I look forward to joining you again in the 2017 season.

“T.C. & G.B!!!


— Z

“I have been doing local triathlons since 1983 and was very much impressed with my first HFP Racing event. From my perspective it was incredibly well run, particularly considering the complexity of offering so many events. I can't remember ever having to verify that I was in fact removing my own bike at the end of the race ... I hope that was purely proactive and not the result of missing bikes from an earlier event. I point that out more an example of the impressive level of planning detail that went into this event.

“I typically try to stay close to home so I can jump back in the lake after the event, change clothes and still make my Sunday morning church service, but I am planning on another visit to the Fall Challenge next year.

“Thank you very much for a great event, I really enjoyed it. Hate to see the Ohio season end.”

— Roger Blocher, Deer Creek Fall Challenge Finisher

“This was my first time racing with HFP. I cannot began to express how impressed I was with the event organization, friendliness of the workers/volunteers (especially the aid stations along the run route), and overall setup of the race. You guys rock and I look forward to racing with you again next year.”

— 2016 Deer Creek Fall Challenge Finisher, Christopher Tech

“It was a great day today...also able to celebrate my birthday with my sons in Chillicothe and Columbus....just want to thank both you for running this triathlon has motivate me and got me through a lot of challenges in life in the last 25 years.....keep up the good work! God bless!”

— 2016 DCFC finisher, Greg

“Thank you for hosting such an organized, fun, challenging event!!! This year was my first outdoor triathlon and I had a blast!!! I think my husband may participate next year!! ”

— 2016 Deer Creek Fall Challenge finisher, Tabitha

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed volunteering yesterday, and how much I loved working the run transition spot. I loved getting to see the athletes throughout the race — coming in from the swim, heading out on their run, and finally finishing...having the opportunity to cheer them on and hopefully give them a little needed encouragement. It was such a great that I look forward to participating in again!

“Thank you so much for the opportunity!! ”

— Jen S., 2016 Portage Lakes participant who volunteered instead of racing due to an injury

“Loved the event — first time participant & first time Half Iron. Very well organized and very friendly and supportive staff and volunteers. I was impressed!”

— Judah, 2016 Deer Creek Fall Challenge finisher

“You might know my name or recognize me from the years of racing I’ve been doing with you and HFP, but I don’t think we’ve ever actually met. Like I said, I’ve been racing endurance sports for well over a decade along with owning/operating a running shoe stores in Cincinnati with my wife — so I am pretty familiar with race production, management, timing, and participation.

“After racing the other weekend and closing out my triathlon season I was reflecting a bit. It’s funny because I realized that I basically "grew up” racing HFP triathlons as my hometown events — and that you set the standard to what I have become to expect from races. From winning my age division of the Family Fit Series back in 2008, the old Alan’s Elite at Portage, the Toyota Challenge the year it all came blowing down, and the awesome Mohican Endurance Festival the other year, I feel like I know and love your races very well.

“So without getting into much more than that — I just wanted to say thank you. Not all races are equal, that is for sure and I want you to know how much I appreciate yours. From consistency year to year, event to event, to race safety, pre-race prayer, awards, new events, series, course accuracy, announcer (best in the biz) you guys nail it every time. Again, you just can’t say that about everyone and as a retailer who deals with the swimming, running, biking public as much as you, I just want to say thanks for an awesome job!

“I don’t take what you do for granted,”

— Frank, 2016 Deer Creek Fall Challenge finisher

“Hello, I just wanted to send a message and let you know how much I enjoyed the race. I did this same race 4 years ago and it did not compare to the quality of race that you offered this year. Kudos to HFP for putting on a really enjoyable event! Thanks so much.”

— Karmi James, 2016 Portage Lakes finisher

“This was my 1st Tri-mini. I loved it! You all did a great job! Made it a great day!”

— Tracy Mock, 2016 Portage Lakes finisher

“Please tell your lifeguards that I was one of the guys having trouble with the swim and their kindness and patience was very much appreciated.”

— Dave Goldstein, 2016 Portage Lakes finisher

“Thanks for a really great event. I have only done 6-7 of these over the last couple years, and really enjoyed this one (first HFP event). My favorite things were as follows:

  • Thorough race meeting day before
  • Wave start to swim — as that is my weakest discipline, it is a less stressful option
  • Having real food available after the event was great
  • your wisdom in shortening the run for the half iron distance
  • Your volunteers were terrific. Having so many medical folks there was helpful and having volunteers cool people down (so they did not need to see medical team)
  • the T shirts are great; love the material and the design

“Thanks again for putting on a wonderful event.”

— Eric, 2016 Great Buckeye Challenge finisher

“Hi Shannon/Jennifer. My name is Rick (Dwayne) VanBuren. Yesterday I completed my first Olympic distance triathlon (Mohican Endurance) and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the entire experience! Being my first triathlon beyond sprint and an inexperienced swimmer, I was very anxious and nervous about the open water swim. This was my first time in open water swimming and also that distance. I am happy to say that I survived it, and actually enjoyed the swim (more thrashing than anything — lol).

“I regret that once I finished, I realized that I may have enough time to get to my church to watch my grandson be baptized, so I left right away. I made it with 5 minutes to spare! What a great day!!! I was a little sad that I missed out on the awards, until I noticed on the results website that I could have it mailed to me. What a great alternative.

“I spent a little time this morning really reading your website and your testimony. What an encouragement! I also was very honored to be part of the pre-race prayer yesterday. That was a highlight for me, since a lot of us missed church for this event. Thank you!

“I can't wait to share your website and testimony with my wife this evening. Hopefully we can participate in more HFP events in the future. I cannot say enough about the excellent organization of yesterday's event, and the wonderful volunteers. They were very encouraging and extremely helpful.

“I sincerely thank you for an excellent event.”

— Rick VanBuren

“THANK YOU for another stimulating 3 days of pain, suffering and the best of times!!!!!! Ben and I brought back 7 of our LA friends to race this amazing event and amid the complaining and suffering, they came to understand that this event is like no other!! They were all beyond blown out to have been part of the 2016 TTT!!
You have no idea how special the TTT is for many of us. I have done 35 half Ironmans all over the world and The American TTT remains my favorite of all the events.”

— Lynda Neuman, 2016 Triple T finisher

“It was my first ever triathlon today and my son's first triathlon yesterday at the kids race. I loved it. So well organized. Kudos to the staff for all of the hard work you do putting on great events. Thank you!”

— Jessica Griffiths, 2016 Deer Creek finisher

“Thank you so very much!!! And thanks to all your volunteers!!! They were awesome no matter where they were on the course — same goes for the medics and police — wow — nice, helpful, and seemed to enjoy themselves. I loved the transition w/ the more individualized bike racks and overall well organized swim, bike and run. Thank you so much — can't wait to do it a 3rd time.”

— E. Bart, 2016 Triple T Finisher

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for a well run, participant friendly race. I would also like to thank all the volunteers and workers. They were extremely friendly and helpful. I truly appreciate you have people to help us in and out of our wetsuits during the afternoon race Saturday. It would be great if they would be there to help during both Saturday races and Sundays. I did your Deer Creek Half last September. Love your organization, God Bless.”

— Julie Wood, 2016 Triple T finisher

“What an incredible event! Thank you for putting on our best race experience. And thank you for letting us spread the speak up word. Thanks,”

— Rob Green

“To the Kurek Family & multitude of volunteers. Thank you for a wonderful race experience at Shawnee State Park this past weekend — challenging — but wonderful.”

— Kevin Mahoney, 2016 Triple T finisher

“What an awesome experience this year. We're hooked. I'd like to reserve a cabin for Friday-Monday for next year's race.”

— Carrie Hughston, 2016 Triple T Finisher

“We had a blast. I have raced all over the world (Mexico, Australia, Kona, Alcatraz). Your race was incredible and I will be back often. The races themselves were incredible in beauty and challenge. The relationships developed were amazing. We also had a chance to spread the Speakup 5 k word. Thanks for an incredible weekend. How do we reserve a cabin for next year.”

— M. Herring, Triple T finisher

“GREAT RACE WEEKEND! VERY WELL PUT TOGETHER! GREAT VOLUNTEERS! I have a new appreciation for the small chain ring on my Alpha 1.1 Trek bicycle. I strained my Sartorius muscle on the left leg and couldn't perform the 70.3 on Sunday-it gives me something to come back to next year.”

— Troy Degitz, 2016 Triple T starter

“Thanks for the great time last weekend at the American Triple T — your 4 star punishment ranking is bang on and very accurate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

— Ryan Post, Ontario, Canada, 2016 Triple T finisher

“Thank you. I look forward to participating in another one of your events. I loved the organization, volunteers and atmosphere at Deer Creek. God Bless and thank you for all you do.”

— Julie Wood

“My son, Brock, participated in all but Alum and Portage Lakes for the Fit Family series this season. He also ran the Mini at the Deer Creek Fall Challenge this past weekend. Brock is visually and hearing impaired and finding safe (and well ran) events is extremely difficult living in Pittsburgh. This is his 4th season of racing and Deer Creek was his 26th race since he began at age 7. We also run the Rev3/Challenge series through out the year, but none come close to the consistent excellence and level of safety we have found at the HFP events. The staff at each event is always very nice and professional. Thank you all so much for making this season Brock's best yet & we all look very forward to continuing to participate at your events in the 2016 season. Great Job!!”

— Grant Kitterman

“Thanks for a great weekend at Deer Creek. I have been doing long distance last two years and was getting very tired with them. I signed up for your olympic and did Deer Creek yesterday. Thanks so much for the fun you put in for me and a great event. You put the "love" back in the sport for me. THANK YOU. See you next year.”

— Jordon Appleby, 2015 Deer Creek Fall Challenge Finisher

“Best tri of the year folks! Many thanks and see ya next year.”

— Paul Brower, 2015 Deer Creek Fall Challenge Finisher

“Thanks — love your new scoring system this year, please don't change!”

— Ken Mills, 2015 Deer Creek Fall Challenge Finisher

“For my first half IM, the experience was great. Thank you for a wonderful event!”

Terence Young — 2015 Deer Creek Fall Challenge Finisher

“By the way, I wanted to let you know I have done two races with HFP this summer and have been impressed on how well you run things. Even more importantly, I appreciate the integration of prayer before the race and your pro-faith stance. Keep up the great work!”

— Shawn Bullock, 2015 Great Buckeye Challenge finisher

“That was a great race today. The venue there is awesome. Great bike and run course. Loved it. Great group of volunteers and course workers. Enjoyed the prayer before the race!”

— Steve Flinn, 2015 Great Buckeye Challenge finisher

“I participated in the 2015 GBC half last weekend, and I just wanted to thank you for great support all the way through. I had a medical/breathing issue that made the race miserable, but your volunteers were so positive, patient, and supportive I kept going and finished. Thank you all for your hard work on a long, hot day!”

— Kim Dailey, 2015 Great Buckeye Challenge finisher

“Your email with results was amazing. This is the only area in recent years that I thought needed improvement in your races and you did not disappoint. Great job — coordination and results sharing at Portsmouth, OH! I will continue to support your races!”

— Patty Lane, 2015 SOMC Tri for your LIFE finisher

“I just wanted to let you know how great the race was this past weekend. You guys do such a good job, I can't wait till portage lakes. Thank you.”

— Cheryl Blasdel, 2015 Linwood Park finisher

“Thanks again for another great HFP race at Alum Creek! I just wanted to say that your kids that worked the aid stations did a fantastic job. I've done many different races through you guys, Ironman, Challenge, and Tuxedo Brothers, and those kids did the best job I have ever experienced. They were very energetic and worked hard to help every athlete! Great job to the HFP organization! My wife and I will be back next summer. Now I have to dedicate my time to Ironman Louisville in October…”

— Kristopher Crawmer

“Just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you how much I enjoyed the Alum Creek Tri. Loved the course. Flat, smooth and simple rectangular bike course was the highlight for me. Hands down, the smoothest roads I have ever ridden.
The new timing service is the best and gives everyone all the info that they want at their fingertips within an hour or so of the completion of the race.
Keep up the great work. All us triathletes really appreciate it!”

— David Katz

“Thank you for such an amazing event. This was my first time doing one of your races & I was very impressed with how well it was put on. I loved the course! Great overall experience.”

— Anna Baker, 2015 Alum Creek Finisher

“I've done other tri's in Michigan, New Jersey, Pa, and Ohio, and this was without a doubt, the most organized and welcoming.”

— Karen Primm, 2015 Alum Creek Relay Team

“Awesome result depiction! This race was very well organized....all of them are but this one was nice.....great job to hfp race team!!!”

— Greg Blatnik, 2015 Alum Creek Finisher

“I really like the new race reports. They are excellent!”

— Paul G, 2015 Caesar Creek Finisher

“Wow, what a day and now I just read this incredible personal testimony. This was my first (but not last) HFP event. Great day, wonderful friends and just loved seeing all out there giving there all and so love to encourage. I've never been fast and most likely never will but that's ok, I enjoy being outside and seeing so many doing similarly. It gives me energy to encourage others. And yes all those who even pass by me. I find solace in being out in God's gift. And I so especially want to say thanks for this morning's prayer. Just nice to know we can do that and what better way to be in God's presence. So I will say thanks but also thanks to my friends who encouraged me to try this as a first but also that it was an HFP event which turned out to be much more than towing the line. Great event, great testimony to share. Keep the faith.”

— Jill, 2015 Caesar Creek Finisher

“Just wanted to say thank you to you and your organization for a well run event. You set the tone where people can come to compete or have a good time — or both.”

— 2015 Deer Creek finisher, Clark Candee

“Great race today. Really enjoyed it. Well run, as usual. You guys really do a GREAT job.”

— David Katz, Deer Creek Finisher

“I was very impressed with how well-run the Deer Creek event was. Thank you for delivering such a professional/well-polished event to all of your participants.”

— John Hohenberger, 2015 Deer Creek Finisher

“This was my first triathlon. I was able to finish, I wasn't impressed with my times but had a blast being there. I enjoyed everything about it, even the rain. I can't wait to try again next year.”

—Kyle Hinton

“BTW, I had a great time. It was my first tripleT. It was as much a mental exercise as physical. Great friends developed!! Thank you!!!”

—Jeff B, 2015 American Triple T Shawnee Finisher

“Thank you for producing and directing an amazing event! The support, camaraderie, and sportsmanship was phenomenal!”

—Tom Jackson, 2015 American Triple T Finisher

“We both enjoyed the race. The challenge was terrific. The volunteers were great. Your bike mechanic was fabulous, he saved my bike on Sunday. Thanks,”

—Darryl Mika, 2015 Triple T Finisher

“Thank you for putting on a terrific race. The HFP staff and volunteers are outstanding.
Thanks again,”


“Thank you for another great race weekend — you guys are amazing, as are your volunteers. It would not be the race event that it is, if it weren't for the excellent direction and the positive attitude of the volunteers. It's infectious.”

—Leslie Knibb, 2015 Triple T Finisher

“This past Saturday I did my first triathlon ever, and lucky enough it was with HFP! WOW! What a great first experience; from all the wonderful volunteers to the smoothness of the event and how well it flowed. 10/10 experience and I am officially addicted :) Thank you again for such a wonderful race day experience!!!!”


“That would be wonderful on my part. I want to give this race the respect that it deserves and not race unless I'm ready. This race is still the BEST value in triathlon and your organization trumps Mdot any day of the week!”


Caesar Creek:
“Just wanted to say thank you for putting on a great event. I am new to the triathlon scene but thought everything was first class. It's easy to notice the time and effort that you folks put into the weekend and it is much appreciated. Keep up the good work!”

— Paul

“Just did Caesar Creek today — thanks for another great race! Course and volunteers were awesome.”

— Carrie

“I am so impressed how those young volunteers take their job seriously… they do an awesome job!”

— Greg

“Great day, great race, excellent organization — thanks for hosting such a good day”

— Brian

“I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for a great event at Caesar Creek State Park. My boys, Nicholas and Dylan, participated in their first Kidz Tri and it was absolutely wonderful.”

— Dwight

“Shannon — I have raced at Maumee Bay many times including yesterday. You guys do an awesome job. The venue of course is fantastic. But I continue to be amazed by how organized and efficient you are. The changes you make to improve things year after year (like the bike racks this year) is impressive.
One of the things I like best is the prayer circle. I always feel a little guilty missing church with my family and your prayer group makes all the difference.
HFP's commitment to excellence is extraordinary—thanks for all you do.”

— Rob

Maumee Bay:

“What a great race! Thanks, you guys really put on a nice event.”

— Carole

“Drew appreciates the Christian atmosphere at the HFP races and the high quality events.”

— Tammy

Mohican Endurance Festival: “Epic race. Look forward to competing again next year.”M

— Spencer

“I completed the Mohican Endurance Festival Olympic triathlon this weekend. Loved it! Hope it's back next year.”

— Courtney

“I just did the Mohican half and it was epic!”

— Tony

“Thanks for a great race in Mohican! So tough.”

— Don

Mohican Endurance Festival: “Again, thanks for putting on another great race. That course was brutal… Loved it.”

— Jim

Mason Tri-umphant Tri/Du: “Thanks so much and keep up the great work on the races.”

— Mike

“Big BIG round of applause for local triathlon organizer HFP Racing — the Mohican Endurance Festival yesterday was an inaugural event for Shannon and his crew — and it was AMAZING. It just goes to show how professionalism and good planning can make for an excellent race experience. Thanks so much Shannon Kurek and Jenn — cannot wait for this one again next year!!!!”

“As always I was impressed by the way you all put on a race. There was very little indication that this was a first time race. Good job to the whole crew and to the wonderful volunteers. Also, it's great to have an awesome partner like Race Penguin to time the race. They do an awesome job! I know myself and the rest of Team RWB Columbus had a blast!”

“THAT was a blast! Thanks for putting on an unbelievable race. Super challenging but it was the most fun I've had at a race in a loooong time. I'll be back!”

“I loved this race even though it kicked my butt. I have it on the calendar for next year already. Also, I am a big fan of the new timing system this year. Very cool to be able look up and print results on the spot.”

“I just wanted to thank you, your organization, volunteers and fellow racers for a fantastic event. I feel nothing but a high and appreciation for what you and the volunteers created. Being able to indulge myself in your great events for an entire weekend was an incredible experience.”

— Bill Keros

“I just wanted to write to say TTThank YOU! for another amazing…I MEAN 'EPIC' TTT weekend! We LOVE you and your race and all the HFP Peeps! Hope you have a great season, a wonderful year and I hope you will be ready for the 'Jersey crew' in 2015 …'cause we are coming back and we are bringing 'reinforcements!'
TTTHANKS again! Take care! BIG LOVE!!”

— Stella

“You guys put on a fantastic race! Thank you!”

— Brad Scholtz

“Great job putting on another great race. HFP does it up right!”

— David T. Payne

“A big thank you for such a wonderful event!”

— Jim O'Connor

“Thanks for everything this past weekend. It was brutal but somehow the most enjoyable time I've had racing since probably the last time I did that race in 2003! You do such an amazing job it is stunning to me.”

— Jim LaMastra

“What a fabulous race you all hosted! We drove down from Canada to participate and were delighted that we did, we thoroughly enjoyed it! Everyone was so helpful and friendly. What a great bunch of volunteers you managed to recruit!”

— Genevieve Freeman

“I just finished the Triple T this year (did 2013, also) and wanted to tell HFP what a fantastic event the race was this year.”

— Alexander King

“Thank you for an awesome race this weekend. As a first time Triple T participant, it was an amazing experience and I look forward to doing it in the future.”

— Erich Greoezinger

“Who knew this crazy sport could be so much fun? Thank you to the volunteers who were so friendly and helpful. Thank you to your organization for clearly marking everything and putting people in the right places so that I knew what to do next.”

— Jill Ricker

“My compliments to the HFP team on Deer Creek. Really nice, well organized race (which is pretty much the standard for your races), but the best part was the lightning fast results from Race Penguin and the computerized results look ups with the ability to print out the individual results.”

— David Katz