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HFP Racing Management Services

HFP Race Management Services

Pre-Race Consultation

  • Initial race concept session (brainstorming)
  • Logistics discussion to set expectations
  • Mission and goals of the event
  • Timelines & expectations
  • Fiscal requirements (Budget creation)
  • Staffing requirements
  • Course design and coordination
  • Marketing & Promotion session
  • Media involvement

Pre-Event Advertising & Marketing

  • Design of race art, posters, entry forms, awards, etc.
  • Website setup and content population
  • Website marketing and online calendar population
  • Inclusion of your event in our calendars and email
  • Newsletter

Race Day

  • Safe Course Management: (Swim Bike Run)
  • Course setup and teardown
  • Setup aid stations with water, energy drink, tables, cups, trash cans, etc.
  • Lay out mile markers
  • Start / Finish line setup and teardown
  • Race day registration, database management and timing system entry
  • Coordination with police, medical, volunteers, sponsors and your organization
  • Overall timing of the event with our AMB Chip timing
  • Timing and Results using Chip Timing Technology, which is accurate, timely timing system
  • Post results during the event with final results immediately after the last participant comes through and HFP Racing validates the data (usually within 15 minutes post event)
  • Post the results online shortly after event is complete
  • Course splits if required (Swim, Bike, Run, Transition Areas, etc.)

Pre-Event Logistics

awards design
  • Course sanctioning with the USA Triathlon (Multi-sport Event), USA Cycling (Cycling Event) or USA Track & Field (Running Event)
  • Setup and manage pre-race registration
  • Setup and manage the t-shirt printing and production
  • Setup and manage the awards production
  • Acquire the appropriate permit with the local municipalities
  • Coordination with local authorities for required police protection and street closures
  • Coordination with local medical emergency teams about the event and scenarios
  • Setup and manage online registration for your event ( OR other)
  • Assist in the acquisition of the appropriate liability
  • insurance and amounts required (USA Triathlon, USA Cycling or USA Track & Field)

Post Race

Wrap-up meeting to include:

  • Discuss what went well and what HFP Racing can do to improve next year
  • Identify any pending issues that need to be resolved before race closeout
  • Verify all awards went to the intended winners
  • Discuss next year's event, nail down date, and setup agreement
  • Provide list of participants (database format or Microsoft Excel)
  • Discuss and verify budget, bills, and income

HFP Timing Services

Looking for reliable and professional timing of your event? HFP Racing currently offers its timing services year round for events that do not conflict with our current schedule.

Our timing services include:

  • Professionally Trained Timing Staff with experience in Triathlons, Duathlons, Cycling, Marathons, 5k's, and Inline events
  • IPICO Timing System: top of the line and most reliable timing system on the market
  • Up to the minute and accurate on-site results update
  • Flexibility to cater services to multiple event formats and distances simultaneously

Currently servicing 30+ events in the Midwest U.S.

Feel free to contact Shannon Kurek in order to receive a timing quote for your next event. Shannon can be reached at .

Available Equipment

Everything needed to execute an event at the highest level:

Inflatable archway for the finish line and transition areas
  • Race Finish Clock
  • Tables
  • Large tents as well as EZ up tents
  • Inflatable archway for the finish line and transition areas
  • Mile markers & directional signs
  • Water and energy replacement drink
  • Coolers for water and energy replacement drinks
  • Cups
  • Bib Numbers & Safety Pins
  • Trailers
  • Course vehicles
  • Finish line chutes
  • Public address system and mega horn
  • Air horns to start the event